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Duplantier describes emotional moment he told parents of MLB call up

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

It’s every baseball player’s dream to get the call to the big leagues.

Recently recalled Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Jon Duplantier is no different and on Monday told reporters about the conversation he had with his parents in which he informed them he was a major league baseball player.

Be prepared — you might want to cry.

“I tried to call my dad and he didn’t answer the phone, so I started freaking out,” Duplantier said. “When he didn’t answer, that kind of forced me to go ‘Oh, OK, what needs to happen now?’

“So I called my mom and I thought it was going to be real calm…as soon as I heard my mom’s voice, I started breaking down in tears. ‘Mama, mama, you got to get dad.’ She thought something terrible had happened. They finally got onto speakerphone and I got to tell them. We were a mess for the next five minutes.”

Duplantier, the D-backs’ top pitching prospect, was called up to the majors on Monday for the first time in his professional career.

He joined the team in San Diego ahead of Monday’s game against the Padres, in which it’s possible he could make his MLB debut.

Duplantier said his parents are already in San Diego and will be in attendance for the game.

“I can’t wait to hug them,” Duplantier said. “I’ve been by myself for the last 24 hours and had nobody to hug, so that’s going to feel really good.”

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