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Athletes post cryptic (and non-cryptic) tweets about Booker/Russell pairing

From left to right: Devin Booker, D'Angelo Russell, Michael Thomas (AP Photos)

The Phoenix Suns’ reported trade of T.J. Warren sparked immediate thought:

If the Suns are trading a productive forward for nothing but cash considerations, do they have a big-name free agent move lined up?

Phoenix is in better position to sign Brooklyn Nets restricted free agent point guard D’Angelo Russell, who, as you may or may not be aware, is a close friend of Suns star Devin Booker.

Within half an hour of ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski tweeting out the report that the Suns are shipping Warren and the No. 32 pick to the Indiana Pacers, Russell tweeted a cryptic message.

Now, maybe Russell is just getting an early start on his Halloween costume. Or maybe he’s comparing the trade to candy, where the Pacers simply knocked on the Suns’ front office door and said “Trick or Treat!” and Phoenix had to give up a solid piece (it’s in the rule book, trust us).

Maybe it’s a color combination of black and orange for Halloween relating to the Suns’ color scheme?

The tweet alone means nothing. Anyone following the Brooklyn Nets’ backcourt knows point guard Spencer Dinwiddie has also been doing quite a bit of light trolling since rumors started that the Nets were the favorites to sign Kyrie Irving.

But now another athlete is in on it, too. New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas tweeted about the two of them pairing up, and it sounds like he thinks it’s a done deal.

And then — he deleted it. That’s even more mysterious.

Does he know something we’re not supposed to?

(Twitter screenshot/@Cantguardmike)

The relationship between Thomas and Russell wasn’t clear, but they did both attend Ohio State University in 2014-15. Are they tight? Does Thomas have sources? Was Zion Williamson, two hours away from being selected by New Orleans, hit up by a city’s star and asked about NBA rumors? We have so many questions.

Maybe Michael Thomas is just a fan of the NBA and can read that in clearing cap space, the Suns might go after a position of need and try to make their star happy.

Who knows.

Maybe we’re just falling for another eyeball emoji prank.

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