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McCain thinks ‘anything is possible’ with D-backs

Now an important message from the senior Senator from the great state of Arizona, John McCain.

Dbacks win 6 in a row and reach .500, anything is possible. Go #Dbacks!less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

You know the Arizona Diamondbacks reaching the .500 mark is a big deal when a United States Senator and former Republican Presidential nominee takes the time out of his day to tweet about it. It’s even more impressive when it makes him say, ‘anything is possible’.

That’s because this is the latest in the year the Arizona Diamondbacks have been .500 since the second to last game of the 2008 season.

McCain isn’t the only one to take notice of the D-backs, who are tied for the longest winning streak in the Majors right now. Fans filled the ballpark last weekend with an average of 32,767 of them in attendance at the three games. Not only were they present, but they were also vocal for the first time since Opening Day.

The team has found a way to win close games in part due to fixing their bullpen. Thanks to closer J.J. Putz converting all of his save opportunities, the D-backs find themselves right in the mix in the NL West. More importantly, they find themselves relevant with fans for the first time in years.

Whether or not the D-backs can keep up the pace is anyone’s guess. Now that they are 23-23 and the fans are behind them, we — and Senator McCain — guess anything is possible.

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