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Giants aiding D-backs cause

The San Francisco Giants remain focused on the Buster Posey injury and appear to be distracted just enough to allow the Arizona Diamondbacks to become a threat to San Francisco’s playoff hopes.

“I think the comments of Brian Sabean immediately make the Arizona Diamondbacks, for the first time, a legitimate division contender,” Doug Franz said Friday on Doug and Wolf. “The Giants are far and away the best team in the division, but you have just handed your players a big time excuse. You’re the best team in the division and you’ve been playing like crap this year. Wake up.”

While the Giants have not played well all year, they are still the most talented team in the division, but the fact that they are still complaining about a legal and common baseball play more than a week after the fact is a good sign for the Diamondbacks.

The Giants seem to be more confused than the Ohio State athletic department, but if they do not snap out of their funk, they will not repeat as division champions.

“Somebody in San Francisco needs to decide, ‘I’m going to play baseball,'” Franz said. “Instead, you’ve got your GM, a week after the fact, complaining about a legitimate baseball play.”

Sports are about having a short memory and putting struggles and adversity behind you. When Sabean told KNBR, a radio station in San Francisco, that the Giants will have, “have a long memory,” he told the rest of the baseball world that his team is distracted and is playing with a lack of focus.

Baseball is a long season and the Giants will more than likely figure it out, but the longer it takes them to stop whining and start playing baseball, the better chances the Diamondbacks have to steal the National League West.

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