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Cardinals rookie Lindley wants to take advantage of QB competition

Lost in the drama of the Kevin Kolb/John Skelton QB
competition is sixth-round pick Ryan Lindley.

No, Lindley is not in the competition, and chances are he
won’t throw a single meaningful pass for the Cardinals
this season.

However, the former San Diego State Aztec told Arizona
Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf watching the battle in front of
him is helpful for his own development.

“If anything I’m kind of taking advantage of it,” Lindley
said. “At this level, I want to gain experience as fast as
I can, and whether that’s stealing reps and watching Kevin
work and doing stuff like that, and then watching a
quarterback competition right now.

“It’s something I’m going to get a chance to see, and
hopefully in the near future, and sometime, whenever that
will be, I’ll be able to be in one and compete for my

Lindley said he just needs to watch and learn, which is
really about he can do at this point. And while he’s
confident in his abilities, the rookie knows there is
plenty of room for improvement.

“You’ve got to be able to be pinpoint with that,” he said
with his accuracy. Lindley certainly doesn’t lack for arm
strength, but knows completing 53 percent of his passes,
which he did as a senior for San Diego State, is not going
to fly in the NFL. “That’s something I’ve been working on
a lot, and I think I’m working to where I want that to be
one of my strengths.”

The good news for Lindley is he has time to work on his
craft before the team should ever need him to play. So
he’s free to just learn and improve while Kolb and Skelton
battle for a job.