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Mining for Paul Goldschmidt’s gold

Paul Goldschmidt is a really bad source if you’re looking
for information on Paul Goldschmidt.

Even while atop the baseball world — as he is now, with some of the best offensive numbers in all of baseball over the last three weeks — the Diamondbacks’
24-year-old first baseman cannot be flattered nor coaxed
into saying much of anything about himself.

But there are plenty of others lined up who are more than
eager to do that for him.

“Paul’s an easy one to talk about,” said Goldschmidt’s
high school baseball coach at The Woodlands High School in
The Woodlands, Texas, Ron Eastman. “He’s about as hard-
working and as humble a young man as you could ever want
in your program.”

Eastman isn’t alone in such sentiment. He shares it with,
well, just about anyone you’ll talk to about Goldschmidt,
regardless of how well they may know him.