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Diamondbacks should plunk Puig

Game time is coming soon.

Diamondbacks and Dodgers.

It’s time for the Dodgers to pay their debt. Plunk Puig!

I’m not advocating violence. There’s no way any pitcher should ever go after someone’s head. In baseball, not plunking says, “walk over me.” Everyone knows it’s coming. Therefore, let’s finish it now.

Waiting until the regular season just risks lengthier suspensions. Plunking Puig in Australia would make it more difficult to replace those suspended because you’re not traveling with your whole minor league system behind you.

Plunking Puig today at Salt River Field declares the Diamondbacks will not back down. Waiting around is like sneaking behind someone’s back. Be a man. Take the punishment. Move on. First, however, the Dodgers must pay their debt.

Play ball!

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