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D-backs’ Jean Segura has odd encounter with Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig at second base

Anything and everything Yasiel Puig does goes under the microscope, and likely because the Dodgers’ young star is unpredictable.

The Diamondbacks found that out on a controversial play Tuesday in Arizona’s 4-2 road victory.

Puig decided for a risky rounding of first base before coming into second a little too hot. He seemingly avoided D-backs second baseman Jean Segura and then, like two cats batting at each other, appeared to pump-fake grabbing for the bag with his right hand, tricking Segura before going with his left instead.

From one angle, it appears Puig actually grabbed Segura’s glove as he initially slid past second.

Of course, this all led to a 3:51 minute review. And of course, the play stood as called.

Here’s another angle of the play where Puig’s right-left move to attempt tagging second base for the second and third time looks little questionable as well.

A still shot also shows Puig seemingly touching Segura’s glove. And getting a good look at Puig’s face when he finally reaches the bag, it could be safe to assume he even surprised himself.

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