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Updated Nov 10, 2011 - 1:17 pm

A Twitter timeline as the story of JoePa being fired unfolded

John Surma, foreground at table, vice chair of the Penn State board of trustees, announces the firing of university president Graham Spanier and football coach Joe Paterno in State College, Pa., Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

November 9th - 8:18 p.m.

I walk in the door after celebrating my friend Shaunna's birthday. Throw my purse on a bar stool and dump my coffee mug from that morning in the sink. Halfway through a chocolate cupcake from the b-day bash, my Droid beeps with a text:

"ESPN News - Joe Paterno has been fired as Penn State football coach; school president Graham Spanier dismissed."

I better hop on Twitter to get the whole story.

Cardinals kicker Jay Feely had some of the first tweets I see. Clearly he felt very strongly that the firing was the right decision. He started calling out other players, like Falcons' wide receiver Roddy White, who disagreed:

"Roddy would you say the same thing if it were your son raped??? RT @roddywhiteTV Joe Pa has done so much for that school this is wrong"

More from Feely, when asked by @vmads94: "what about Mike McQueary? He saw it happening. How do you not stop that. What man walks away from that" Feely replied by calling McQuery "A coward."

Cardinals safety Hamza Abdullah didn't tweet much during the evening but one tweet seemed to be a constant theme: @hamzaAbdullah21 "This is bigger than Football!"

Ochocinco: "Touchy subject but i thought they'd let him finish the season out at least. RT @ScottyClaggett: @ochocinco Thoughts on JoePa?"

Tweeters were not happy about this one from Chad Ochocinco, lots of responses included profanities. Chad deleted this tweet before the end of the night.

This one totally caught me off guard, Ashton Kutcher expressing distaste for the firing: "@aplusk: How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste"

Fifty minutes later he recants, tweeting, "Heard Joe was fired, fully recant previous tweet! Didn't have full story. #admitwhenYoumakemistakes"

Really Ashton? Think they fired him because his team is 8- 1? I call BS on you Mr. Kutcher. He took Ochocinco's lead and deleted the initial tweet within a few hours.

This story tweeted by Stewart Mandel includes an interview with one of the victim's sister who still attends Penn State. She talks about her "mixed feelings" about the student rallies, and how she blames Penn State president Graham Spanier.

Ty Walker works at the Ticket in Dallas, @tywalkerticket "PSU ComRadio had one of their people relaying on air the rumor that seniors could sit out Saturday in protest."

I believe the best thing is for the Penn State team to play football on Saturday, a player protest will only cause more trouble. There are eight victims listed in the Grand Jury Presentment. I would call for 8 minutes of silence for the victims and their families before kickoff.

Here's a link to that 23 page disgusting grand jury presentment, obviously it includes every graphic detail [WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC MATERIAL].

Twitpic of overturned media van from SI's Jon Wertheim. I'd like to think students were just gathering to cause a fuss, not because they truly comprehended the magnitude of the situation.

Joe Schad @schadjoe "Paterno received at his home an envelope from a messenger with a # to call 15 minutes b/f BOT announcement"

It's a crappy way to do it, but I don't really care how they fired him. The victims didn't get a 15 minute notice.

"@schadjoe: Paterno is said to have been told of fondling, touching or horseplay but not sodomy or rape"

I think the Joe Pa supporters will cling to this one for a few a days. Just to be clear to my friends, family, co- workers and anyone in position of authority: if I'm being raped, fondled or touched inappropriately, and someone at my office sees it, or has the incident reported to them, I want you to call the police. Immediately. And should you be able to intervene and stop the behavior, I want you to do that too. Please do more than your legal obligation.

On my timeline, the most retweeted of the night was Daniel Tosh @danieltosh: "if you feel bad for joe paterno it's because you are an awful person."

One thing I still want to know: how did his wife not know?

Some of the abuse took place in her home, and on family vacations.

And what about his eight adopted children who are now grown adults?

I'm saddened to think how much more of this story will be revealed.

I pray for support, unconditional love, healing and therapy for the victims and their families. I pray that as a society we take the time to educate ourselves on these sick and unspoken situations. I hope our coaches, teachers, parents, managers, babysitters and neighbors now understand the importance and significance of the moral obligation we have to those who cannot protect themselves. I hope through this tragedy we find conversation and education about child abuse.

The most disturbing realization of the night: Jerry Sandusky is out on $100,000 unsecured bail, which means he doesn't have to pay the bail money if he shows up for his court date in December.

Do you think he was at home watching this whole thing play out?


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