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Patriots WR Julian Edelman makes unbelievable catch in Super Bowl LI

They say that football is a game of inches and that was proved more than ever in the biggest football game of the year.

Down eight points in Super Bowl LI and driving to potentially tie the game, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady threw a pass to wide receiver Julian Edelman, only for an Atlanta Falcons defensive back to have it thrown right to him.

That Falcons defensive back was Robert Alford, who earlier in the game scored a touchdown off a Brady interception.

This time, however, Alford was unable to reel it in, and surrounded by two other Falcons defenders, Edelman somehow came within range of the ball.

Then, with a miraculous effort, Edelman caught the ball, only to have the ball collide with Falcons safety Ricardo Allen’s arm.

To make the situation even more bizarre, Allen’s arm kept the ball from hitting the ground, eerily similar to former New York Giants wide receiver David Tyree’s “helmet catch” to beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

After that collision, Edelman loses the ball, only to regain control and keep it from hitting the ground despite it hanging just inches from the floor.

The Patriots went on to score a touchdown and convert a two-point conversion to tie the game, completing their improbable 25-point comeback and sending the game to overtime.

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