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Welcome to

Hello sports fans and welcome to the brand new

We’re excited to show off what we’ve been working on for most of 2010. Finally, Arizona sports fans have one place to go to get their sports fix online.

Four years ago we launched Arizona’s first major league sports radio station. We felt the time had come for sports fans in Arizona to have a place to go to hear their favorite teams play and talk about what was happening on the court or field. Because of you, Sports 620 KTAR has become one of America’s most successful sports radio stations.

Now, as 2011 begins we’re ready to do something similar in the digital world. We feel strongly that fans here deserve a website that does nothing but deliver killer local sports content. Until now, you’ve had to dig through stories on a variety of local news websites to find the sports content you were looking for. Those days are over.

While is the site we all go to for the best national sports coverage, we’re hoping will be the place you go for the best local sports coverage.

We’ve assembled a team of the best writers, columnists, and photographers in Arizona and here’s what we promise to deliver to you:

• Breaking sports news first
• Amazing pictures from all the big games
• Strong opinions delivered from the best local sports columnists
• Videos that give you unprecedented behind-the-scenes access
• Text messaging alerts that bring breaking news to you
• Exclusive articles you won’t be able to read anywhere else
• Simple functionality to share what you like on Facebook and Twitter
• And, an All-Star Insider program that gives you killer rewards

And, that’s not all. We have some additional amazing features that we’ll be rolling out in the coming weeks.

So, please make your way around the site. As you’ll notice you’re here during our beta launch, which means there are still some bugs that need to be worked out. We’d appreciate you’re help in identifying those bugs, as well as you’re overall reaction to the new site. Please take a minute and click here to give us your feedback.

And, welcome to!