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The Five: Best fantasy football picks since 1950

Football season is here!

And the weeks leading up to football season are littered with fantasy football drafts. From Anchorage, Alaska to Zion, Illinois, football fans are preparing their draft boards for another season of low-wage gambling and artificial interest in sport.

Hey, I’m not judging. Fantasy football is great. I haven’t played in a few years, but I still recall taking Jerry Rice with my first ever fantasy football draft pick in 1990. I won.

In fact, 1990 is about as far as fantasy football goes back. Imagine the frenzy of trying to get the top pick to select Jim Brown in the early ’60s, or the clamor to land Bradbury Robinson in 1906 since he was the only guy in football throwing a forward pass.

Well, I’m not going to attempt to go back to 1906 for this week’s “The Five,” but I do intend to mix history with the modern pastime known as fantasy football.

These would have been the greatest fantasy football picks of all-time (or since 1950), not because they were the best overall statistical seasons we’ve seen but because they were the greatest individual seasons compared to that given year’s competition.