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Doug Franz College Football Playoff – Round 2

The final BCS standings are out. If the Doug Franz College Football Playoff were in use there would be no complaining as the top 16 teams in the final BCS standings would be put into a playoff and the rest would be played on the field.

In case you don’t know from the things I’ve said on air, I want a playoff in college football. I don’t have a problem with the BCS formula; I just don’t want it used to narrow the field from 120 to 2.

I have yet to hear any “pro current system” argument that I can’t destroy on logical grounds. Of course there’s one argument I can’t beat and that is anyone saying they like the current system and they don’t want it changed. Other than that, I’m still waiting for someone to convince me to give up my dream for a college football playoff.

Below are the match ups of the second round after YOU decided who won all the first round games last week.

9) Georgia Tech @ 1) Alabama – Vote
7) Oregon @ 2) Texas – Vote
6) Boise St. @ 3) Cincinnati – Vote

12) LSU @ 4) TCU – Vote

Here’s the ranking of the conferences after the final BCS standings and the average BCS rank of the teams in the conference.

1) SEC 36.25
2) Pac-10 39.4
3) Big East 41.38
4) ACC 49.08
5) Big 12 49.83
6) Big 10 50.09
7) MWC 61.44
8) WAC 71.56
9) C-USA 77.42
10) MAC 88.46
11) Sun Belt 90.22

Here’s the process for coming up with the teams.

1) Rank all D-1 (FBS) teams 1-120 (from Alabama-Western Kentucky)

2) Rank all the conferences 1-11 based on the average BCS rank of the teams in the conference.

3) Reward the first place team in the top 8 conferences with an automatic bid.

4) Independents—this means you Notre Dame—get no special treatment. If you’re not in a conference, earn a wild card bid or join a conference.

5) Select eight wild-card teams based on BCS rank excluding those already selected with an automatic bid.

6) Rank the 16 teams based on BCS rank with no regard to status as an automatic qualifier or wild-card entry.

7) First two rounds are at the home of the better seed.

8) Final Four and Championship game are played at a rotation among Fiesta, Cotton, Sugar, Rose.

I’m aware that there are three games at neutral sites with four bowl game hosts. This is leverage in case the Rose wants to stick to tradition. If the Rose does want to stay involved, there would be a new bowl game created for the two teams that just missed out on the playoff. This would be Pittsburgh vs. Oregon St.

Feel free to ask me any questions or give me your opinions: