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Doug: Warner is a true role model

The end of the career of Kurt Warner does not mean the Matt Leinart era is beginning. If there’s anything we’ve learned about the Arizona Cardinals under Ken Whisenhunt, he makes everyone earn their job. There is absolutely nothing wrong with immediately looking ahead to what Matt Leinart can do. The Cardinals staff did it well before Warner’s announcement today.

I’ll let everyone else talk about the future, however, I’d rather talk about Kurt Warner.

I know you know the story but why do so many of us forget it so easily? When’s the last time you walked through Fry’s and tried to find an NFL quarterback?

Too often fans and media get upset at athletes who fail us morally. It’s a joke because infidelity, drug use and selfishness happen everywhere in society. When an athlete is involved in something immoral, every athlete gets trampled. Kurt Warner can go through life avoiding all the temptations that money brings, stay loyal to his wife and religion, and his actions define who he is.

Kurt Warner is going into the Hall of Fame. Only in America can you go from failed QB, to grocery stock boy, to minor league QB, to NFL back-up, to SB champion and MVP, to Super Bowl loser, to fired, to starting QB in NY, to back-up in NY, to back-up in PHX, to QB of the hurry up offense against the Ravens, to starting QB because of injury to the Heisman Trophy winner, to Super Bowl loser, to one of the greatest postseason performances in the history of the NFL, to retired, to Canton, OH.

Kurt Warner is not only a role model to your kids, he’s a role model to every American. He came in humble and left humble while achieving greatness in the middle. We should all reflect with frustration at the things we didn’t accomplish and could have while immediately realizing we are in the country that gives us the chance to do it.

Thank you Kurt.