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Things to ponder this Memorial Day

Horrible officiating in the NHL’s Western Conference
finals, but it doesn’t matter right now.

Hoping the Goldwater Institute actually represents Barry
Goldwater and stays out of the way, but it doesn’t matter
right now.

Believe Ian Kennedy will find his mojo and return to being
an ace, but it doesn’t matter right now.

Two very interesting quarterback battles going on in Tempe
between 5 different QBs, but it doesn’t matter right now.

Weekly rumors on the latest suitor for Steve Nash, and
none of those matter either.

One thing matters this weekend: FREEDOM.

I love hockey and respect the class of the individual
players of the Coyotes for handling losing with such
class. I hate the fact that the NHL had the chance to
dramatically influence future passion of desert hockey
fans and, instead, chose to stomp on dreams by helping the
better team win (I still say LA was the better team but
they didn’t need the help).

I just can’t muster the spirit to complain when I think of
sitting in a trench during WWI.

Have you ever agreed on a price for a house only to have
it fall through at the closing? I’m still worried about
the Goldwater Institute will work their magic again and
destroy this latest round of Coyotes sale talks.

It just feels hollow comparing a Glendale management fee
argument to returning from Vietnam and being greeted by an
ungrateful nation.

The 2011 Diamondbacks are probably a 3rd place team
without the rock that Ian Kennedy was. His 2012 hasn’t
been awful, but he’s clearly below average. The
Diamondbacks will be in a fight for third place if he
doesn’t return to form.

Although I completely believe we will soon see the real
Ian Kennedy, I’d rather see more Americans understand that
the Revolutionary War lasted 7 years, with many troops
going long stretches without pay but fighting for a dream.

Kolb and Skelton on one side of Tempe. Kelly, Eubank and
Bercovici on the other side. So far it’s Kolb and
Bercovici in the lead, but if it was a horse race the
announcer’s first statement–and their off–can
still be heard echoing throughout the grandstand.

The future of the program and organization could be solved
in 110 degrees during the desert summer, all while our
current troops sit in desert heat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You can pick about four places on the map in two different
countries where Steve Nash may play next year. I wonder if
that’s how my Grandfather felt in WWII wondering where on
the map Hitler’s next move would be.

I’ll be watching all three D-backs home games this weekend
and Monday’s day game on the road against San Francisco.
The results won’t matter as much to me, though. It’s
freedom that matters this weekend, and the sacrifice it
took to earn it.

Thank you to all the boys and girls who have a parent in
harm’s way defending an ideal that all men are created
equal. Your Mom or Dad is a hero. As you patiently wait
for them to return home, you’re a hero too.