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Doug’s Four-point Stance: Gentry should be the next coach of the Bobcats


He came in studio on Tuesday. As you can guess, when an NBA head coach comes in studio to talk basketball, he’s a friend of the show. In our conversations during “not-so-beautiful-parts-of-the-program” it was apparent how strong the passion is in this man to coach. Chalk it up to another terrible decision by Michael Jordan if Gentry is not the head coach of the Bobcats.


It never ceases to amaze me how many people try to justify Carmelo Anthony as a basketball player. He is the furthest thing from a championship player. Sure, Syracuse fans will disagree but that’s the difference between NCAA and NBA. Melo isn’t terrible. He’s one of the greatest one-on-one players of all time. Anthony apologists have yet to realize basketball championships are determined by the best collection of 12 players.

Players of Anthony’s skill are automatic fixtures as the team’s franchise player yet he dooms the franchise to an exciting life and playoff misery. Anthony is a moped player. The ride is fun, but sooner or later you need to grow up and go somewhere.


He said the marshal said he could hit. The marshals are instructed not to talk to the players. So Tiger lied on the course. Next thing you’ll know he’ll take an illegal drop and claim he didn’t know the rule.


Every time I hear him talk, I hear a respectful man. He has nothing against the media, but I hear something else. I hear a man who talks to the media because he completely understands that it comes with the job description of an NFL QB. But he doesn’t enjoy it because few in the media talk football. I’m sure Palmer is more complex, but he seems like a guy who cares about football, family and not much else.

If you have low expectations of Palmer, I understand. Past history certainly casts doubt on his ability to be a successful NFL quarterback. However, I think there have been very limited opportunities in Palmer’s career where a season wasn’t interrupted by a diva uprising, injury or Raider futility. I think Palmer will surprise some people.