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Doug Franz’s weekend wishes


I’m looking for Florida, Michigan State and Louisville to advance to the Final Four (I picked Creighton so the UA game means nothing to me). It’s simple. If that happens and MSU beats UofL in the final, I win the station bracket contest and, more importantly, the money of my coworkers.


Come out on fire against the Knicks. Bring the passion they rarely bring to the first quarter. The Knicks are soft. They’ll come out with energy early and gage the desire of the opposition. If the Suns take the fight to New York, they’ll fold.


Beating Minnesota does not guarantee a playoff spot, mathematically speaking, but it comes close logically speaking.

If the Coyotes win and average only one point per game over the last seven games, Dallas or Vancouver would basically need to win every game.


Just get through the weekend without news of any injuries. The Dodgers and Giants present enough of a challenge in 2014. The injuries have already taken a toll on a team that entered the season with little margin for error.

Grow strong David Hernandez.