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May 22, 2011

May 22

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I am trying to be a better man and pray for people like you. So far I’m failing.

OK just throwing this out there, 2 years for the Yotes in the playoffs, 2 quick exits!! Mike Dantoni took the Suns to the playoffs just like the Yotes they were always the bridesmaid never the bride. Is it fair to compare them?

Wanna-be AP Jim

No. The Suns have great fans and were consistently playing in front of sell-out crowds. D’Antoni made a series of tactical mistakes as well that hurt the Suns chances for winning.
Tippet has never had the support like D’Antoni nor did he make the errors D’Antoni did.

Dear Doug,

Sorry for the delay but I get into work early and don’t always get out early, but this email is in response to your discussion Thursday morning regarding playbooks. Hopefully, another listener addressed the issue of players not returning playbooks when they change teams.

The reason keeping a playbook in that situation is unethical/despicable/criminal/add-your-own-disparaging-term-here is that the playbook does not, and never did, belong to the player; the playbook is the sole and rightful property of the team. So just like the sales rep with the company car and/or company laptop, company credit card, etc., when he terminates employment, he has to give all that fun stuff back to the employer. Otherwise, he has committed thievery, — at that point it’s just a question of degree: petty versus grand theft, misdemeanor versus felony.

As a devoted father of two I am sure you would not want to condone, excuse and/or otherwise rationalize thievery as somehow “okay,” excusable or justified.

Granted, things get a little more dicey when a player gets a playbook from another player rather than the team (ala Matt Hasselbeck (sp.?)), but that does not change the fact the playbook is the property of the team. In that case, Hasselbeck is knowingly in possession of stolen property.

Allstar in Goodyear

My point feeds into your “dicey” part. If teammates give him a playbook, he’s not receiving stolen property because the players received it correctly and gave it to him. I really appreciate your point but I don’t think it applies here.

Hi Doug,

Could you post your WOTD on your twitter page or on, cause I can’t find it anywhere. Thank you very much for your help!


Remember two important things before you e-mail me:

1) The WOTD is already posted before you e-mail me and you aren’t looking hard enough.
2) Please stop sending me all of your forwards. I’m not interested in your picture of Elk in a pond that you’ve titled “Horny Hot Tub.”

Dirk is sponsored by Volkswagon… They’ll make an overpriced sneaker & men who wear the will be mocked for being feminine.


Sorry if this is really funny and I didn’t get it.