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October 23, 2011

Doug and Wolf, I have been listening to your show from the
first day. I am a “5 am Club Member”. I am truly going
to miss your show. I cannot imagine that listeners want
to hear a local radio station offering a national show in
the morning after a great sports night for our local
teams. I have always enjoyed the energy and passion you
bring to your show in the morning. But then I am in the
8% of your listeners. I have learned so much about sports
from your show……particularly that there is actually a
strategy to baseball! Thank you for being so transparent
about your love of God, family, country and of course
sports. Hope the afternoon doesn’t change your show.

Big mistake KTAR Sports! You know there are 2 types of
people in the world, those who make good decisions and
……….well I digress. (See how much I have been influenced
by the show) I am not going to give up hope that you will
return to the morning.

Best of luck with your new time slot.

Fooshaw, Guys!


It’s really nice to start the mailbag today reading
such appreciation for our show. Thanks for your loyalty.
I hope you can make the transition to listening in the
afternoon with us.

Hi Doug!

I saw your response to my e-mail in your mailbag! I didn’t
expect that. Thank you so much for replying.

Lon Babby was very candid. I was very impressed that he
took the time to come and visit our group. He talked about
his background and how he received the job as Suns

He also talked about the lack of play from Robin. He said
that they did not know what was wrong with him and that
they were very disappointed in him.

He also stated that he wasn’t trading Steve. He mentioned
how he is asked that all the time when he is interviewed
but he also said that the Suns would get nothing in return
if Nash or Grant chose to retire. I would have no problem
with that. That’s why we need to get suitable back-ups
that can step in when they do leave the NBA.


Every step of the way I’ve been impressed with Lon.
From a personal and professional level.

Congratulations to you and Rhonda. You became a part of
history. The mailbag has never started with two e-mails
from women.


Once again another interview with coach wiz and once again
he sounds more like a politician then a disappointed coach
that just lost ANOTHER game his team should have won.

I’m starting to really wonder….

Angelo Pilato, Avondale, AZ

I can understand your frustration. Which would you
rather have? OPTION A: CKW rips the players to their face
and sounds like a politician with us. OPTION B: CKW rips
the players on our show and then speaks like a politician
when he addresses the players.

I choose the former.

Okoye is only 24 so he can still improve. He cme from
Africa & started college @ 16. He graduated @ 20.


Yes. I know all about Okoye. I almost did play-by-
play of some of his high school games but I got a job
opportunity in Kansas City and left Okoye’s American

Been following this circus for over 30 yrs and the one
common denominator that this team has year in and year out
is they consistently find ways to lose football games!
This is the number one point on what you call a bad
football team! Bad and unsuccessful football teams find
ways to lose, and good and successful teams find ways to
win football games! We are very good at finding ways to
lose games!

Here are the areas where we stink. Play calling, OL,
secondary ! As Ralph Kramden would say “Levi Brown is a
BUM!” Russ Grimm, what the hell are you teaching that
dreadful O-Line? Bum #2! And finally coach Whiz, what kind
of plays are we calling, cause they are horrible! Why
don’t you just watch tape of the Packers or the Patriots
and run their plays? Finally coach Whiz, what do we have
to CLEAN up this week, and for that matter next week, and
the next, and the week after.

There’s a lot of cleaning needed to be done all the time,
I guess you
haven’t found the right cleaners yet!


In baseball this would be a great e-mail because you
went 1-for-3. In life, being right 33% of the time isn’t
a good percentage.

First, thanks for the analysis on good teams and bad
teams. I wasn’t aware of that.

Second, on Levi: You’re right.

On Grimm: Would you attack him if he couldn’t coach you
into being a good O-lineman? Here’s what he’s working
with: LEVI: terrible; COLLEDGE: poor pass blocker, almost
great run blocker; SENDLEIN: average; HADNOT: barely an
NFL player; KEITH: vastly over-rated.

I think Grimm has taken a horrible offensive line and
coached them up to bad. That’s still an improvement.

Lastly, you have issues with the play-calling and they
should just run the plays of the Packers and the Patriots.
Christopher, I’m sure you’ve said something dumber in your
life but I would need verification. Don’t you think if
the Cards had Brady or Rodgers, the plays the Cards were
calling would like the ones GB and NE call?