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November 9, 2011

He just isn’t that way so therefore he cannot be that way. Not in him as proven by history.


That’s a wonderfully strong opinion. I wish I knew who you were talking about.


If we trade Nash to three mile island type team good luck with future top-line free agents.

I don’t think you realize how bad the perception of Robert Sarver is around the league. Yes, he gave Nash a new contract and then before it started he made the team non competitive and made it worse by doing his Jerry Jones imitation during last years free agency.

This is a real mess and we were in the Western Conference Finals last season.., Just remember how the NBA lottery is like the Bermuda Triangle once you get in and don’t get out the next season you are there for a long time.


I’m sure you’re a very nice man but everything you said in this e-mail is wrong.

First, when you said, “I don’t think you realize…,” what makes you think I don’t realize it? Second, who is it that you talk to around the league that gives you this impression?

On free agents, they care about money, playing time, money, weather, money, practices being low intensity and money. The Suns can offer most of those things, if they choose, so a free agent isn’t going to care about Sarver.

Hi Doug,

Why don’t you announce your WOTD on your show anymore? You used to say it around 6:00 am or let your guest say it, but lately, you aren’t saying it at all, nor are you posting it on your twitter page. Could you please post it pretty soon? Thanks for your help! Have a great day!


I don’t say my WOTD at 6 a.m. anymore because I’m not on the radio 6 a.m. anymore.

What is your honest opinion on Sarver. He’s trying but I feel when the Suns sink to the bottom, he will not be able to get off the deck like Jerry would do getting them back up for a shot in 1993, 94, and 95. Then acquiring Nash for the latest run.

Three reasons he has not gotten Suns to the Finals: 1.) Not signing Joe Johnson 2.) Robert Horry induced Amare/Diaw suspension, 3.) Memphis gift wrapping Gasol to the Lakers.

Doug H

It’s amazing. Sarver isn’t the type of owner I want for the Suns but two e-mails in a row (not counting Betsy’s, of course) are ripping Sarver for the wrong reasons.

Please don’t ask me for my “honest opinion”. That’s extremely insulting. You get my honest opinion every day. I don’t know any other way to be.

Reason number one is 100 percent accurate but I’ve always defended Sarver on that one because we’ve all screwed up early on in our jobs. He was a new owner and got involved in something he should have let his GM handle. I don’t want to be judged by the dumb things I did as a young talk-show host so I’ve always given him a pass. You’re absolutely correct it was a drastic mistake and it’s his fault but I won’t be on the “beatdown train” with you.

You’re next two reasons have nothing to do with Sarver so I don’t think his name should even be brought up.

Michael Jordan against the jazz in the finals dominated game 2 I believe with the flu… def a great one!


Every timeout looked like he was going to throw-up on his way back to the bench.

Power Up Dudes! Please.


Why are you e-mailing me asking the station to power up? Do you really think we would broadcast at anything less than we are legally allowed to?

Kurt’s spot on. Pburgh was 3-1 without Ben this year.



Just like when he was a QB, when isn’t he spot on? (I’m not accepting comment from NY Giants fans) And by the way, don’t you mean last year?