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November 13, 2011

boston didn’t get swept at home they played in texas


Thanks Robert.

I always feel like I’ve let people down when I butcher a point like that.

Doug – do you know when you’re doing your next show at Gateway Chevrolet?

Thank you.


Yes. This Wednesday.


Have you posted your WOD ? Mabe i am just not seeing it yet.



No. Since we moved to mornings, we stopped the WOTD. Since we stopped the WOTD, I stopped posting it.

Doug & Wolf,

My workplace pet peeves:

1. The guy who responds “Not long enough” when asked how his weekend was.
2. The guy who responds “It’s Friday” when asked how they are doing (on a Friday).

Love the show guys.


These are great. The “Happy Tuesday” guy has always gotten to me.

Look up green and yellow by lil wAYNE Its pretty cool


How do you know I don’t have that in my iPod?

It’s not that Warren is saying the league is racist, it’s that black and white
QB’s are held to different standards and that’s obvious whether we admit it or

If Gabbert and Newton switched spots and Gabbert went undefeated through.
the SEC and won it all, even with the “baggage” he would be the clear #1. If
Newton ended his career with a bowl game against Iowa and threw 2 int’s (one
pretty much losing the game) and performed only average against good teams like Gabbert did, no way he would be considered a top QB.

Mallett is accused of drug usage and walks out of a press conference and nobody really cares, sure he’ll drop because of it but nobody talks about it nearly as much as they do Cam and his smile and everything else. It’s not like Mallet is a 6th round pick, the guy is one of the top qb’s in draft and his drop is not really a story.

Cam could very well suck at the next level but his character issues of stealing a laptop and getting shopped for money are pretty average for college athletes and while he isn’t perfect neither are the other prospects. Basically Jamarcus destroyed any hope another black QB ever going 1st and most will be compared to him from this point on. With all the white QB’s who have been picked high and not done well, it’s clear it’s a crap shoot but they have to prove their not any good where as the black QB has to do the opposite. It’s not racism, it’s just
natural and unfortunate that everyone will assume the white QB is better than
the black unless the black QB surprises them and shows otherwise


It’s sad that the racism that you’ve seen in the past has so jaded your opinion on this issue. It’s not very often that the mailbag is filled with this sad of an opinion.

For you to think that one bad black QB has any affect on drafting other black QBs is horrific. There is nothing more racist than saying a white person is sitting in a room saying, “We can’t draft Newton because of Russell.”

Mallett lost over $15 million dollars because of the allegations. Don’t you think that hurts? Nobody talks about it “nearly as much” because Mallett isn’t as good as Newton. Nobody talks about it “nearly as much” because Mallett didn’t win the Heisman Trophy. Nobody talks about it “nearly as much” because Mallett didn’t win the national championship.

Reala, I don’t know what happened to you in your life but don’t become the exact evil that you can’t stand. Right now you’re a very racist person.