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‘Free Steve Nash’ makes it to t-shirts

There is a contingent of NBA fans that feels bad for Steve

The thought is that the 37-year-old is suffering — even
languishing — as he continues to put up great numbers for
a team that isn’t any good.

Thus, the “Free Steve Nash” movement was born, and while
it doesn’t quite have the political clout of say the Tea
Party or Occupy Movements, it does have one incredibly
important thing:


Somewhere, someone created and started
shirts with the slogan written on the front.

We’re not saying you should buy a shirt, and we’re
certainly not going to pretend like Nash is being held
captive by the Suns organization.

By all accounts Nash will be traded if he wants to be, and
so far it appears he is content to continue donning purple
and orange on a nightly basis.

However, it’s interesting to see Suns fans — and NBA
fans, in general — begin to take pity on one of the
game’s best players.