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Newsmakers Week: Babby asks for patience

This has been a difficult season for the Phoenix Suns.

It’s been tough on the players, the fans and management.

Most expected better. Everyone wants better. And the plan
to get better, Babby told Arizona Sports 620’s Doug and
Wolf as part of Newsmakers Week, is in place.

“The first step in any plan is articulating what it is
you’re trying to accomplish, so what is it we’re trying to
accomplish,” he asked. “We’re aspiring to be an elite

Babby said an elite team is one that is regularly
competing for championships, much as the Suns were from
2005-2010. But those days seem like a long time ago, with
an aging roster shy on young talent.

That’s why, Babby added, it’s important to recognize where
the team is at right now.

“We have to be honest and realistic about it and say we’re
a team in transition, and we’re beginning a process of
rebuilding to get to an elite status,” Babby said.

That process will involve, specifically, drafting smart —
if at all. Babby said the fact that the team traded away
and sold draft picks in the past has caught up to them, as
there are only two players on the roster who were drafted
by the Suns (not counting Nash, who returned as a free

“Those chickens are coming home to roost now,” he said.
“They may have been perfectly good decisions at the
time…so we’ve got to put a greater emphasis on the draft
going forward.”

On the persistent Nash rumors: Everywhere Lon Babby
goes, he seems to be asked about Steve Nash.