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Nash, by his standards, struggling at the foul line

Jaws drop. Eyebrows raise. Fans gasp.

Yes, it’s been happening more this season after Steve Nash
steps away from the foul line.

“Just haven’t had a great rhythm at the line,” he said.
“Just misssed more than I usually would.”

Now let’s be clear, Nash is an excellent free throw
shooter. The best. Ever. Or at least he was. After a
3-for-5 performance on January 12 against Cleveland, Nash
dropped to second behind Mark Price as the NBA’s all-time
career free-throw percentage leader.

This season from the foul line Nash is shooting 87%, the
lowest since his third year in the league. That number is
still well above the league average, but below his 90%
career average.

“I don’t really worry about it because I feel like I can
get hot, so to speak, and make a bunch,” he explained
after making 6-of-7 attempts Tuesday against Washington.
“It’s been a little bit of a struggle for me. I haven’t
really felt that great at the line.”

His so-called struggles from the line haven’t affected his
shooting elsewhere on the court. In fact, compared to
last season, he’s shooting better in every category but
free throw percentage.

He needs to make 24 consecutive free throws to reclaim the
lead over Price.

“It doesn’t matter,” said Nash, “[Warriors guard] Steph
Curry is going to beat us both.”