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Rumor: Orlando Magic set to pursue Steve Nash trade

Suns President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby has said
there are no plans to trade Steve Nash unless the point
guard asks to be moved.

Steve Nash has said he has no interest in being traded,
but understands the Suns may want to move in a different

With the Suns at 14-20 and the 38-year-old Nash
approaching free agency, there are plenty out there who
feel like the two parties should go their separate ways
before the March 15 NBA trade deadline.

Enter the Orlando Magic?

For those of you who don’t know, Orlando is looking to
appease star Dwight Howard, who is set to become a free
agent and could leave town. The hope is acquiring
Nash would make the team a contender this season while
also keeping the team’s star player happy. Do that, and
there’s less of a chance he’ll bail on the happiest place
on earth this summer.

If only it were that simple.

One of the biggest obstacles for any team looking to make
a play for Nash — besides the Suns actually wanting to
deal him, of course — is the task of trying to match
contracts while giving the Suns something of value.

Any deal would likely involve Magic guard Jameer Nelson,
who has struggled this season, and possibly forward Ryan
Anderson, who is a Channing Frye-like forward in the midst
of a breakout campaign.

The Magic would also likely include multiple draft picks,
though it still may not be enough to coax Phoenix into
parting with its franchise player.

But they have to try, right?