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The Pulse: Fans think Phoenix Suns made right move in standing pat at deadline

Every day, we at ask our readers a question. It’s the Sanderson Ford Poll Question of the Day, and it can be found midway down the right side of our home page.

On Friday, Feb. 21, the question revolved around whether or not fans were happy that the Phoenix Suns didn’t make a move before the trade deadline.

With 773 people responding, an overwhelming majority (69 percent) chose the option “Great, this team is fine as is.”

The only other choice with a significant number of votes was “Alright, a small upgrade would have helped,” with 28 percent of voters taking this option.

Finally, 3 percent of people responding thought it wasn’t good that the Suns stayed pat, and 1 percent answered that the team’s inaction was “Terrible, this team needs help.”

At 33-21, the Suns are well-positioned, even without high-profile guard Eric Bledsoe, to make a playoff push in the West. There were rumors about the team being interested in power forwards like Pau Gasol, Jordan Hill and Zach Randolph, but Phoenix ultimately chose to stick with its existing assets.

Thursday’s trade deadline was mostly quiet around the league, as the only high-profile deal involved the Indiana Pacers and Philadelphia 76ers swapping swingmen Danny Granger and Evan Turner.