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Players, coaches and the Point of No Return

What I’m about to write demands a premise: I have been in multiple screaming matches with teammates and even coaches. I have screamed at the top of my lungs at coaches from time-to-time in defense of something that happened on the field. I know what it’s like to tap into the Rage Tree, filled with emotion. I know what it’s like to compete against another man that is physically trying to keep you from doing your job at the highest level DNA allows.

But watching Marcus Morris scream at Jeff Hornacek clearly crossed the line of player/coach relationships.

Marcus Morris yelling at Jeff Hornacek on the bench was bad; after all, he is the head coach. But the way he looked at Jeff Hornacek with contempt was even worse. It’s one thing to argue with your coach and disagree vehemently; it’s quite another to act like you want to fight him in the huddle. And Marcus Morris acted like he was ready to make his confrontation with Hornacek physical. That’s a line no player should cross.

Morris has apologized and said he needed to be more professional; Jeff Hornacek is saying it’s over. All seems well.

The only question I ask is where did the line Marcus crossed into take him? Let’s hope it wasn’t the point of no return.