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The Phoenix Suns’ point guard trio masks — and exposes — the team’s problems

The 1800s are filled with tales of medicine men and traveling salesmen bouncing from small towns across the country selling elixirs of all kinds. Few worked but made “patients” feel much better. Years later, the FDA regulated a key ingredient out of the potent potables: alcohol.

The modern equivalent of these quick-fix medicines is the Phoenix Suns three-point-guard lineup. It works in small blasts, but large doses will make you sick. It makes a fan feel good for a short period of time, but it’s completely based on a false pretense.

The No. 1 weakness of the Phoenix Suns is rebounding, with defense a close second. Their three point guards expose and mask these problems at the same time.

Going through the rest of the roster, P.J. Tucker is the closest thing to a defensive stopper — and that’s compared to his teammates, not other players in the league.

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