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Cards get sure thing in Patrick Peterson and still lose?

According to many pundits, the Arizona Cardinals got arguably the best player available when they selected Patrick Peterson number five overall.

At the very least Peterson is regarded as a “sure thing” prospect, someone who will not be a bust and a waste of a high selection. Hell, just take a look at the very web site you’re reading and you’ll see reactions from every host, columnist and fan are nothing but positive.

Yet, ESPN’s John Clayton, in his Round 1 winners, losers article, lists the Cardinals among those who lost Thursday evening.

Listen, we’re not debating the values of cornerback Patrick Peterson going to Arizona or linebacker Aldon Smith going to San Francisco. Peterson could be the next Charles Woodson. The 49ers desperately need pass-rushing help. The Seahawks stunned everyone by taking offensive tackle James Carpenter. But the knock on the division is that none of its teams took a quarterback in the first round. I know the 49ers are going to re-sign Alex Smith and the Cardinals might add Marc Bulger. But in a quarterback-driven league, to see three NFC West teams in desperate need of quarterbacks pass on the position is still stunning. At the moment, Sam Bradford of the Rams is the division’s only legit starter.

Yes, the Cardinals still need a quarterback. Nobody in a stable state of mind can really believe that not to be true. However, opinions of this year’s crop of rookie QBs are as mixed as some drinks at your favorite bar, with most feeling it is a generally weak group. Talented, sure. But question marks abound, which is why most people thought the Cardinals would be foolish to reach for one at five.

Apparently, though, Clayton thinks the Cardinals should have. Talent and value be damned, he thinks they needed a quarterback at five, and since they didn’t take one they ended up losing in the first round.

If Patrick Peterson is losing, though, I’m not sure anyone would want the Cardinals to win.

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