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Speculation about Kolb deal false

Anyone who thinks the Arizona Cardinals, or any other team for that matter, already has a deal in place for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb can put those thoughts to bed.

With the NFL lockout on again and off again more than a high school relationship, no trades have been able to be completed and, according to, there haven’t been any under the table agreements either.

There are no side deals, and there are no pre-arranged trades. The Eagles don’t – and probably can’t – plan to trade Kevin Kolb for a player already drafted in the first round on Thursday.

Two high-ranking league officials familiar with the Eagles’ thinking addressed rampant speculation that the Eagles went into the first round of the draft with a deal already in place with a team seeking a quarterback.

So Cardinals fans, don’t worry that somehow Patrick Peterson was selected with the intent of being sent to Philly for the quarterback of the future and don’t worry that Kolb’s already on his way to San Francisco. If he is dealt it will come after the lockout and probably won’t involve anyone from this year’s first round.

Just because the Eagles haven’t agreed to deal Kolb yet doesn’t mean he won’t wind up in the desert. Rumors are circulating that the Cardinals are still interested in the young quarterback and may be major players in trade discussions. Although they also seemed to be rumored with every other available quarterback out there not named Donovan McNabb. So take it all for what it’s worth.

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