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Steve Nash, Darnell Dockett, Larry Fitzgerald among best sports figures to follow on twitter

People use twitter for many different reasons.

Whether it is used for news, entertainment, to interact with friends, or to engage with celebrities, twitter is extremely popular.

Sports figures are involved in the twitterverse and some provide insight into the life of a professional athlete, while others are simply entertaining.

Whether they use the platform to inform people or to make people laugh, CBS Sports put together a list of the 140 “Must-Follow Sports Personalities.”

Steve Nash (@SteveNash) came in at number 15 while Darnell Dockett (@ddockett) was ranked number 22.

Nash and Dockett use Twitter in drastically different fashions, but both are entertaining to follow.

The point-guard uses twitter the way you would expect him to, he talks about social causes and is very humble while Dockett uses it like, well…Darnell Dockett.

Dockett’s twitter account is full of bizarre pictures, claims, and jokes. If he is bored and thinking about something he will tweet it. His lack of a filter certainly makes for an interesting follow.

While he did not make the top 140, Larry Fitzgerald (@larryfitzgerald) was named in “the best of the rest.”