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Diamondbacks vs. Yankees, 10 years later?

The 2001 World Series pitted the Arizona Diamondbacks vs.
the New York Yankees.

Ten years later, could it happen again?’s Danny Knobler thinks so.

In his postseason predictions story, Knobler has the
Diamondbacks knocking off the Brewers in five games before
dispatching the NL-favorite Phillies in seven. From there
they would play the Yankees, who would have beaten the
Tigers in five games and the Rangers in seven.

From there, though, his prediction goes south for Arizona.

Yankees vs. Diamondbacks: It’s Gibson’s time of year, but
it’s also Derek Jeter’s time of year. Jeter is playing.
Gibson isn’t. Advantage: Yankees. Oh, and their lineup is
just a touch deeper and more dangerous than Arizona’s.
Yankees in 7.

Simply getting to the World Series would be an incredible
accomplishment for the D-backs, but losing to the Yankees
in seven games — when Game 7 would be in Phoenix — would
for sure be a tough pill to swallow.

Then again, a lot has to happen before this prediction
becomes reality, so it may be best to just let the
postseason play out before worrying about the Bronx
Bombers once again.