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Bloomquist almost a Giant, but wants to retire a D-back

Willie Bloomquist started the offseason with the idea that he was going negotiate a new deal to stay with the Arizona Diamondbacks. But that plan nearly ended up with the veteran leaving town.

“It was an interesting offseason, to say the least,” Bloomquist told Arizona Sports 620’s Burns and Gambo. “There was a lot of stuff that happened early that I wasn’t really aware of that got inked and out there between KT [GM Kevin Towers] and my agent, which that’s the business side of the game; that’s why I try and stay away from it as far as possible.”

Unfortunately for Bloomquist, the deal couldn’t be worked out like he wanted, and his career with the D-backs looked like it might be coming to an end. The misconception that troubled Bloomquist was that some people were thinking it was all about the money when all he wanted was to stay in Arizona until he retired.

“I had no idea really what was going on, and that’s something that they had to iron out, I guess,” Bloomquist said. “You never like getting in the middle of that, you never like being called a selfish person, and I’m trying to be greedy or whatever. I’m like, ‘Man! I had nothing to do with this!’ I knew I was turning down my option, but it was just to try and get more years here.”

Normally a utility player, Bloomquist took over at shortstop for the injured Stephen Drew in his first season with the Diamondbacks. He took advantage of the opportunity and stole 20 bases and scored 44 runs. While his future was up in the air, a division rival swooped in to propose an offer to Bloomquist.

“There was a point in time when, I hate to say it, I thought I was going to be wearing black and orange and being across the way,” Bloomquist said. “So, it was getting down to that point to where I’m flattered at the offer they gave me and was very appreciative of it, but thank goodness KT came at me with a decent enough offer, and I was able to come back home.”

Bloomquist said it was a difficult decision if he wanted to accept an offer from the San Francisco Giants, but after weighing his options, Arizona was a better place for his family, and he didn’t want to leave the Diamondbacks like he originally planned.

“In the end, I enjoy what we did last year as a team, I really love this organization from top to bottom,” Bloomquist said. “That’s the most fun I’ve had in the big leagues since I’ve been in the big leagues, was last year, hands down.”