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Arizona Sports Face-Off: 2012 Diamondbacks win total

The Arizona Diamondbacks surprised all of baseball last
season by winning 94 games and the NL West.

Can they do better this season?

That’s the topic of this week’s Arizona Sports Face Off.

Vince Marotta:
Green: No
The Diamondbacks
snuck up on everyone last season, winning 94 games and the
NL West crown. Now, they’re the sexy pick among national
pundits to win the pennant in the senior circuit.

But can they surpass that win total from a year ago? My
answer is ‘yes’.

Only four players who saw action last season in the NLDS
against Milwaukee are gone (Cowgill, Parker, Burroughs,
Owings). You don’t see teams experience that little
roster turnover over the course of the offseason.

Plus, they added former All-Star pitcher Trevor Cahill and
outfielder Jason Kubel, who received AL MVP votes just
three seasons ago.

And, I know what you’re thinking…”they don’t have
Stephen Drew to start the season.” Let me remind you that
the D-backs went 42-22 last year after Drew’s horrific
ankle injury.

This is going to be a very good baseball team that wins at
least 95 games.

I would love for nothing more than to
say the Diamondbacks will surpass last season’s win total,
but I can’t. Just can’t.

Remember, 94 wins is a substantial number, one the D-backs
have topped just twice in franchise history (I mis-spoke
in the video). Sure, that
doesn’t mean it can’t happen again, but everything went
right for them last year and, unfortunately, you can’t
expect good fortune.

Nor can you expect the NL West to be as bad, as the Giants
and Dodgers will both be better, taking away a few wins
that would have been there last season.

Are the 2012 D-backs better than the 2011 version?
Probably. But it won’t be shown in the win total.