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Cards coach: QB competition all about who will win

Anyone who watched the Arizona Cardinals’ annual Red and
White scrimmage Saturday and says either John Skelton or
Kevin Kolb played well would be lying to you.

While each signal caller made some nice throws, neither
was consistent and each had moments that made you
simply shake your head.

However, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt told ESPN Radio’s
Colin Cowherd that the struggles are somewhat expected
early in camp, each QB has shown improvement from last
season, and that the starting QB job will not be
won during practice anyway.

“I think it comes down to what they do in the games, and I
really believe that the players want the guy that’s going
to give them the best chance to win, no matter what,” he

The idea that the players have a rooting interest besides
just who will play better on the field was brought up last
week when NFL Network analyst and former player Willie
McGinist said sources told him Skelton is the favorite among the players.

Of course, no one has stepped forward to validate
McGinist’s report, and ultimately Whisenhunt said it
doesn’t matter who the players are rooting for, so long as
the man under center plays well.

“The player that’s more consistent, that shows he can give
you the best chance to win, that’s the one that you have
to go with,” he said. “Because regardless of anything
else, that’s what the players want.”

It seems Whisenhunt has a pretty good grasp on his team’s
mindset right now, and is not at all concerned about who
the players may or may not want to see as the starter this

“They will accept a lot of things if that guy gives them a
chance to win,” he said.

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