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Gold but not Goldy: The 2015 MLB Home Run Derby

The only thing better would be to see Goldy out there.

For the first time in my life, I stood up while watching the home run derby. I realize part of the reason for my home run derby excitement was my home town is 50 miles north of Great American Ballpark. My love of baseball was entrenched in those anticipatory minutes spent in the car with my dad on the way to old Riverfront Stadium. I couldn’t help but get caught up in the moment for Reds fans.

I’ve always watched the derby because it was my job and the only thing on. I did enjoy going to the derby at Chase Field, but never found the TV version exciting. Everything changed this year. I loved the 2015 Home Run Derby.

Excitement mounted as it appeared Todd Frazier would run out of time against each of his three victims, only to see him hit his stride at the end of each round. I found great fun in the crowd cheering every ground ball, double and warning-track fly ball off the bat of a Frazier competitor. The combination of the clock, the bracket and a hometown player winning was gold in MLB’s hands, but it wasn’t Goldy.

Players owe it to the game to participate in the All-Star game. They do not owe it to the game to participate in the home run derby.

I have great respect for Albert Pujols still being a part of it. So many NBA players think the dunk contest is beneath them, but Albert still puts on a show. Prince Fielder never disappoints (except when he picked Rickie Weeks over Justin Upton) in the contest. The players in the derby deserve a ton of credit. The players that aren’t, however, don’t deserve any negative feedback.

If Paul Goldschmidt thinks it would mess with his swing to participate, I’m glad he sat out. Goldy knows his swing better than anyone. Whether it’s swing- or fatigue-related, if Goldy thinks skipping the home run derby is good for him, then it’s good for the D-backs.

The furthest thing from Goldy’s personality is to do something that honors himself. He is extremely uninterested in winning any individual award that doesn’t directly relate to winning baseball games. He doesn’t understand that we want him in the derby as fans. We want to say “that’s our guy” to the world. We want to pop our shirt to the Dodgers about Joc Peterson (who is awesome). Goldy’s our guy and we want to show him off.

Paul Goldschmidt is willing to do almost anything for Diamondback fans, but showing off will never be one of them. I’m disappointed Paul Goldschmidt wasn’t in the home run derby. I’m not disappointed in Paul Goldschmidt.

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