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Our worst fears realized — the D-backs will have a DH

I’m really scared that it’s coming.

With so much Interleague play, it won’t be avoided — too many people will scream for symmetry between the leagues.

Our worst nightmare will be here in the next two years.

The Arizona Diamondbacks will have a designated hitter.

With the Houston Astros now in the American League, there will always be at least one Interleague series going on. Since there will always be one, the complaining will begin from GMs of how difficult the new setup is. Since teams will have more Interleague games, National League GMs will get sick of trying to win games with simply a fourth outfielder in the lineup and American League GMs will hate using a DH as a pinch-hitter.

Eventually the NL will cave because the MLBPA never will.

On this note, will all of baseball please stop talking about the ludicrous idea that the DH rule should be in effect at the home of the NL team during Interleague games so we can “experience” the rules of the other league? If I’m a Red Sox fan, I want to see David Ortiz. It’s asinine to keep him in the dugout and away from Fenway season ticket holders. They are paying for his salary so give them their DH. If I’m at a D-backs game, I’m rooting for the D-backs. I don’t want Ortiz in the game because I want to win.

The only reason to use the DH in NL parks during interleague is to brace all of us for when the DH is used in both leagues.