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Don’t compare Martin Prado to Justin Upton

By now the Justin Upton trade has been evaluated every which way possible. And unfortunately for Martin Prado, he will always be compared to the former D-backs’ top overall pick, and there is not much he can do about it.

But while I am a big believer that in every trade there is a winner and loser, I do think there is an angle to this trade that hasn’t been discussed but needs to be. And that is that Prado, while traded for Upton, did not replace him. Prado, in essence, replaced Chris Johnson. It’s Cody Ross who actually replaced Upton.

So it’s a better indicator to look at how Prado compares to Diamondback third basemen from last year and how Ross compares to Upton. Now Ross missed the first 10 games of the season with a bum calf, but since coming off the disabled list, he is hitting .290 with a homer and 10 RBIs. Not comparable to Upton’s 13 homers, 23 runs batted in and .285 average, but numbers that aren’t bad.

It’s easier to compare player for player when they play the same position, ala Jarrod Parker for Trevor Cahill.

Now history shows that the team that gets the best player almost always wins the trade, so I do expect history when all is said and done will show the Braves got the better of the deal.

But if you compare Prado to D-backs third basemen and Ross to Upton, it’s a more fair comparison.

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