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Arizona Diamondbacks never had interest in Jake Peavy

First let’s cut to the chase — the Arizona Diamondbacks were never interested in Jake Peavy and they shouldn’t have been. Not considering that they would have had to pay him some $20 million between now and the end of next season and part with prospects to get him. It never made sense. It was never an option. All the national reports of him coming to Arizona were off base.

Peavy is a good pitcher, but he’s not great and he has been injury-prone. He is now six years removed from that Cy Young season in San Diego. He he can help the Red Sox in their battle with Tampa Bay and is good insurance in case Clay Buchholz can’t return, but Boston paid a steep price to get him.

The reality is starting pitching is not what Arizona is aiming for, not with Patrick Corbin, Wade Miley and Randall Delgado all pitching well, Brandon McCarthy and Trevor Cahill returning from rehab assignments plus Archie Bradley, David Holmberg and Tyler Skaggs all solid prospects in the minors.

Notice I didn’t mention Ian Kennedy and that’s because the D-backs’ Opening Day starter is definitely available and the price tag isn’t too high. A quality lefty reliever and some prospect value can get a deal done. With two years of control left, Kennedy is attractive to San Diego and the Angels.

Everyone would like to see Arizona make a move and try to go toe-to-toe with the Dodgers. But the smart play is not overpaying for a player like Peavy and being handcuffed financially because of his salary.