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Cardinals’ Ryan Lindley will learn from mistakes

It’s been a few days since Arizona Cardinals quarterback Ryan Lindley made his first NFL start, and he’s spent that time studying film and reflecting on his performance.

“It’s funny, there were about six to ten throws there that you really want back but talking to Kevin (Kolb) and a lot of other guys, every game there are six to ten throws that you want back,” said Lindley. “It’s just that three of those were absolutely horrible.”

Lindley threw four interceptions Sunday against the Rams, two of which were returned for touchdowns. In the two games he’s played in this season, Lindley has compiled a passer rating of 47.0.

“You just have to correct those mistakes; you can’t dwell on them but just move past it,” he said.

Lindley is the third starting quarterback that the Cardinals have used this season due to injury and performance. He’s completed 31-of-52 passes for 312 yards and zero touchdowns to go along with the four picks.

Lindley got some advice and some perspective from his teammates already this week.

“Kevin (Kolb) talked to me after we watched the film and he said ‘you know you played a pretty dang good game, besides those six or so plays, besides those four interceptions, it was a solid start.'”

Despite his struggles in the second half of last Sunday’s loss to the Rams, Lindley says there are still some positive things to take from the game.

“For me, this is a results-driven game. We lost the game and I gave up 14 points,” he said. “To myself, it wasn’t a good game but there were things I can look at, I can move forward from, gain some confidence from and take into this week.”

This weekend, the sixth-round pick from San Diego State will have the challenge of stopping the Cardinals current seven-game skid. They are the first team in NFL history to lose seven straight after starting 4-0, according to ESPN Stats and Information. Arizona hasn’t lost eight straight games since 2006.

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