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Report: Ken Whisenhunt to remain in Arizona

Perhaps Ken Whisenhunt’s tenure in Arizona is not coming to an end after all.

While many a report state the franchise is likely to part with its coach of the last six seasons, Yahoo! Sports’ Jason Cole believes Whisenhunt will survive his second losing season in three years.

Word around the league is that Detroit’s Jim Schwartz, the Arizona Cardinals’ Ken Whisenhunt and Chicago’s Lovie Smith are all expected to survive for another season. That expectation is based largely on the conservative approach that all three teams have historically taken with firing coaches, particularly when those coaches have money still owed to them.

It’s interesting that Cole is not saying the Cardinals will keep Whisenhunt around because they think he is the best option, but instead because the franchise would be reluctant to part with a coach when there is still time left on his contract.

However, we have been led to believe these are not the “same old Cardinals” that we knew back in the day, and if that is the case then it may not prevent the Cardinals from making a move after all.