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Word association with Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer

LISTEN: Carson Palmer, AZ Cardinals QB

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer took a break to visit with Arizona 620’s Doug and Wolf show Tuesday and play word association.

Wolf would say the names of the quarterback’s receivers and Palmer would respond with the first thing that came to mind.

“Larry Fitzgerald,” Wolf began.

“Hands,” said Palmer.

Wolf: Michael Floyd.

Palmer: Strong.

Wolf: Andre Roberts.

Palmer: Elusive.

Wolf: Rob Housler.

Palmer: Faster than you would expect.

That final answer warranted questions about the tight end from the hosts.

“I really hope he’s about to take this league by storm,” the quarterback said of his tight end. “He’s not somebody that everyone knows about, he’s not a household name, but he is so fast.”

Later in his lauding of Housler, Palmer added, “He’ll creep up on you.”