August 13, 2011

Aug 14, 2011, 1:17 AM | Updated: 2:18 am

Hey guys,

Is it that the Patriots are just that smart or everyone is that dumb? Ryan Mallett will become a leader in this league. Unbelievable..


I watched his game against Jacksonville. Looked good for a man in his first professional start.

I don’t blame anyone for passing him up though. If you think he’ll be a leader in this league, you either don’t know what he was doing at Arkansas or you think he’ll grow out of it.

I agree with every team that passed him up in the first 2 rounds.

Doug, I don’t know if you remember me? A few years ago you were talking about construction highway worker being one of the three easiest jobs. I am the guy you rode around with for a few hours.

Anyway, I heard that you were moving the time on your show. My guess is that your not doing it, they are making you do it. A few quick questions. Why are they moving you guys? Is this something you guys wanted or did you have a choice? When does this move happen? and what is going to be your new time slot?


I do remember.

I don’t understand what you mean by, “…they are making you do it.” I have a boss just like most people do. My boss told me my show is now 2p-6p. He can’t make me do it. I have every right to quit if I want to.

Here’s the answers to your questions.

1) Moves in radio are always made for the same reasons. Decision makers at radio stations are in charge of constantly looking at ways to increase ratings, revenue or both. Since I have been a program director in this business and I know I’m not as good at it as my boss is, I’ll trust the move. If I thought he was an idiot, I would look to go to another station.

2) Wolf loves the idea. I wish we were still in the morning. We did not have a choice, nor should we. I have not worked hard enough in my life to own a radio station. Until I do, I will do the job I’m assigned. If my boss ever asks me to do something I find immoral, I will stand my ground and accept any discipline. If my boss ever tries to get me to change my opinion to benefit the company, I would stand my gound and accept any discipline. When my boss told me,”Your show is moving to afternoons,” I said, “That stinks. I wish it wasn’t but thanks for keeping me employed.”

3) August 29th

4) 2p-6p

Hi guys:

As you know, I am in favor of getting Kyle Orton for a third round pick, or if you have to, maybe even a second. Please look at his stats the last three years. He is very good, young and you know what you are getting.

My question is this; why are so many folks opposed to giving up the fifth pick in the draft for franchise Q.B.? When a college Q.B. that is labeled “can’t miss”, misses (in most cases) it is a blown draft pick.

If a team only has an average or below average Q.B., but a great, great C.B. (like a NNamdi Asomugha of the Raiders), you have almost no chance of winning a Super Bowl. But, if you have a franchise Q.B. and an average C.B., you have a great chance of winning a Super Bowl.

If Cam Newton is a “franchise Q.B.”, you would still have to develop him for at least two years before he plays at a high level.

On the other hand, if Kevin Kolb is a franchise Q.B., and he is only 26 years old, with experience to boot, and it would appear that he is ready to go (no waiting for his development), wouldn’t it behoove the Cards to give up the 5th pick for him?


I hope you don’t mind me saying this but this was a 2 page e-mail which is way too heavy for the mailbag. Every listener is important so I appreciate the time you spent making your charts and graphs, however, no one listener is more important than any other. I receive 200 e-mails a day to the mailbag so there’s no way I can read every paragraph in a long e-mail.

Second, please don’t start an e-mail with “as you know” because I don’t. I want you to know you’re important as a listener but I don’t want you to assume I know what you think.

On the DRC trade, I will always believe the Cards could have acquired Kolb for less but after watching the Dolphins avoid paying the Broncos price, it’s clear the feelings on Orton are league wide.


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