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The Cardinals are bad, but are they the worst?

You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who argues that the
Arizona Cardinals are a good football team, but at 2-6 are
they really the worst the NFC has to offer?’s Evan Silva thinks so, and
he predicts the team to win just one more time this

On the bright side, Silva notes, Beanie Wells has been
good for the Cardinals, picking up seven touchdowns and
506 yards on 113 carries. He also says Patrick Peterson
has sparked the Cardinals’ special teams.

However, that’s where the good stuff stops.

Arizona’s defense is easy to move the ball against because
it can’t stop the pass. Safety Kerry Rhodes, the team’s
best defensive back in coverage, fractured his left foot
on Oct. 9 and remains out indefinitely. No NFC team has
allowed more completions of 20-plus yards. Offensively,
quarterback Kevin Kolb has been a bust. Now injured, the
$65 million summer addition has more turnovers than
touchdowns and arguably the worst pocket presence in

Silva says unless Kolb overcomes his fear of the pass rush
the Cardinals won’t get anywhere, and that unlike other
bad NFC teams, the Cardinals have already played the easy
part of their schedule.

Three wins from here on out would be an accomplishment.

Harsh words, but the Cardinals haven’t exactly done much
to prove him wrong. There is still time, though, and maybe
Sunday’s win will spark the team to a second-half

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