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Diamondbacks dress the part for Texas 2-step

The Arizona Diamondbacks apparently want to fit in.

They traveled to Texas on Sunday to prepare for a two-game series against the Rangers that begins Tuesday. The D-backs dressed the part en route.

Cowboy attire was the theme.

Boots, button-ups and cowboy hats filled the locker room in St. Louis before the D-backs departed for the Lone Star State.

While some people such as pitcher Andrew Chafin looked quite comfy in his actually-worn boots, others like Jake Lamb and Archie Bradley appeared to have shopped for the trip. They wore fresh Wrangler shirts — Lamb’s cutoff sleeves were Western Belichickian if there ever were such a style — and bolo ties to go with some untarnished boots and jeans.

Pitcher Alex Young was prepped with a Texas flag shirt and belt.

Eduardo Escobar did not get the boot memo but still gave it a go.

And winning the accessory game was pitcher Yoan Lopez, who got the full look going and rounded it out with a sheriff badge bolo tie.

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