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Cardinals’ Kingsbury, Murray the focus of Star Wars-themed animated video

An animated video from Bleacher Report parodied the current lay of the land in the NFL, specifically by making Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury and quarterback Kyler Murray the lead characters in a satire spin-off of the Star Wars series, The Mandalorian.

In addition to comedic dialogue, there are also some hidden gems in the illustrations throughout the video. For example, Kingsbury and Rams coach Sean McVay, among others, are at a bar with a sign that reads, “Reserved for McVay and guys who know McVay.”

Elsewhere, Larry Fitzgerald gives Kingsbury a gift basket. The gift basket appeared to include “Kliff” bars, a document from the University of Phoenix and a Kyler Murray figurine.

The video made fun of a handful of teams, the Cardinals included, but also picked on Bengals coach Zac Taylor, for instance. McVay pretends not to know Taylor’s name, despite the two working on the same coaching staff in Los Angeles last year.

Meanwhile, Murray played role the role of Baby Yoda, with lines like, “I’m cute but dangerous,” and, to Kingsbury, “We come from similar college schemes.”

Baby Yoda/Kyler used The Force to built a bridge across a damaged walkway. “Must cover the spread,” he said.

Eli Manning, with a baby Daniel Jones, asked Kingsbury, “Hey, how do you make yours do cool things?”

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