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Trivia Tuesday: Match the MLB slugger to the last team he homered for

When you think about the all-time great home run hitters in big league history, it’s easy to remember where they spent most of their careers.

For some, it’s hard to recall the team they last played for.

Well, that’s the subject of this week’s Trivia Tuesday quiz.

There are 27 members of baseball’s 500-Home Run Club. All you have to do is match the slugger with the team he hit his last Major League home run for.

Here’s a hint: Nine of the 27 on the list hit their first and last home runs for the same organization, but that doesn’t mean they spent their entire career with one team. Only five on the list hit every round-tripper in one franchise’s uniform. Hope that helps.

You’ve got six minutes on the clock … good luck!

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