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Trivia Tuesday: Last player to have a 3-HR game for each MLB team

Home runs.

The sexiest statistic in sports. Everybody (except for pitchers) loves them.

But how much do you remember about prolific home run games?

All 30 Major League franchises have at least one player hit three home runs in a game since 2006. Yes, you read that right. The Miami (Florida) Marlins have had only two occasions where one of their players hit three dingers in a game, and it hasn’t happened since 2006.

So we’re dealing with very recent history in this week’s Trivia Tuesday challenge.

We’ve given you the team, the year and the position each slugger was playing when he became the last to go yard three times for his franchise. All you have to do is name the playe — and, yes, last names only are OK.

You’ve got eight minutes, good luck!

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