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D.J. Humphries is still sad Kyler Murray’s dog isn’t named after him

(Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

It’s a story as old as time: Boy meets dog. Boy and dog befriend. Boy does not name dog after the left tackle who wanted naming rights.

Two months have passed since Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray named his new dog Swoosh, not Hump Jr., Little D.J. or Sen-fo like Cards left tackle D.J. Humphries recommended, and the offensive lineman is finally speaking out about the decision.

“It was tough at first. He broke it down to me, he told me his dog’s name was Swoosh, and I realized it was a business decision. I was outbid by Nike,” Humphries said on Sunday.

Humphries told media in June that Murray was naming the dog after him, saying “he really cares about me.”

There was either a complete misunderstanding or a reneged promise.

Maybe Murray referenced Greek mythology, saying the dog would have a name relating to the goddess of victory, and Humphries thought that was some sort of compliment aimed at him. Maybe the lineman just got overexcited when Murray didn’t outright reject his name ideas.

Or maybe, unlikely as it may be, Humphries was simply joking with media.

No matter which it was, the dog is definitely not named after Humphries and was instead given a name related to Murray’s sponsor.

“It hurt. It was one of those things, I felt like he could have told me and I could have put in another bid,” Humphries said. “Powerhouse like Nike comes in, throws in a few incentives, a few bonuses here and there. Hard to compete with those guys when you’re a small business owner.”

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