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D-backs’ Calhoun can’t stop laughing at Varsho’s failed catch, face-plant

If anyone knows the feeling of recklessly putting their body on the line to make a play in the outfield, it’s Kole Calhoun.

The Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder has shown that quality in his first season with the club on numerous occasions, including his face meeting a wall after a diving effort in San Diego this July.

When an outfielder goes full extension like that, there is no protecting themselves.

Rookie Daulton Varsho is fairly new to center field, so he learned that the hard way on Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

Against the Angels in the third inning, a line drive was hit to right-center and Varsho appeared to have a good beat on the ball.

Varsho was going full speed, and when he laid out for it, he really laid out for it.

The end result was not only a catch he missed by a foot or two, but him having nothing to support his fall.

So after he whiffed on the catch, the whiplash of the landing had Varsho face-plant himself into the grass.

It was to the point where Varsho had to check his hat to see if there was grass on it, and he even appeared to be spitting some out.

In a great catch by Fox Sports, Calhoun couldn’t stop laughing well after Varsho had made the effort. That got Varsho to laugh at himself too, as we all should in moments like that.

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